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After the experience in London the time has come for Szczecin. Orient Gallery is a place created specifically for artists and lovers of culture. It was born with the thought to create a space for artists working in different parts of the world . We have to offer a large, open, clean and sterile space which is perfect for exhibitions and also organizing all kinds of meetings, conferences, fashion shows, events . We have an offer specifically directed  to companies, individual clients and artists.  We present a contemporary art, graphics, photography, jewelry and sculpture. We also go in darection of design. The gallery owner  Aleksandra Phillips formerly led The Picture Room Gallery in London and as a result, she met many unique and talented people willing to cooperate and implement their projects in Szczecin. The gallery includes exhibitions of artists already known and young artists who are just starting their careers. Gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday 12-6pm and on Saturdays from 11-2pm.  The address: Szczecin, ul . Malopolska 5 (former Orient shop). We kept the name after former Orient shop with a respect and sentiment to its place which has been running here for many years and today we have Orient Gallery.

You are welcome ! 


About us                       About us

Aleksandra Phillips Creative Director                                                               Łukasz Czub Manager