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Tihomir Tomič

Tihomir Tomič spent his childhood and adolescent years in Diocletian's Split, a town in Dalmatia situated along the Adriatic coast. The artistic spirit of antiquity, as well as the reflection of sunlight upon the sea and stones left a deep impression on his thoughts and imagination. In 1969, Tomič graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Arts with courses geared toward graphic design. Although, at this point he had not yet discovered glass as the material he would later create with, he was selected to work with and to study under the world renowned professor, Raul Goldonij. Goldonij offered him a position at the Design Department of the Rogaska Slatina Glassworks. From that time on and until the present, he has lived and created works of art in the picturesque town of Rogaska Slatina. Soon Tomič becomes an assistant to his professor, and works with him until the death of this famous glass sculptor.