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TheOrient Gallery, Szczecin held the private viewing of the photograpphy exhibition photographs " Prayers of Shachukul " by Maciej Cieślak on 15th march 2013. The patronage of the exhibition took the National Geographic magazine. The exhibition lasted for a month and several art works have been purchased by collectors. The exhibition " Prayer of Shachukul " by Maciej Cieślak represents spontaneous scenes of  praying Tibetan residents of a small village. It tells a story from inside of a Buddhist monastery, where the author spent a day photographing random visits. A visit to the temple gives an opportunity to clean a mind, make a tribute to the monks, discard the bad karma and demons and part with all the evil deeds.  It was a small village situated in the Himalayas in Ladakh called little Tibet. Ladakh is known for its religious residents and considered the mainstay of contemporary Buddhism. Ladakh, India, July 2011.


Thank you for coming , interest.