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GALERIA ORIENT zone of Contemporary Art ... is an independent gallery located in the heart of Szczecin, the former store ORIENT, on the route between such shopping molls like Galaxy and Cascade. The gallery currently presents: paintings, graphics, photography, jewellery, sculpture and in the future objects. We go in the direction of design. Our aim is to promote the culture and art in Szczecin, supporting local artists together with  Polish artists and from around the world.With the experience gathered by running the Gallery The Picture Room in London, we gained contacts with a number of unique and talented people willing to cooperate and implement their projects right here - in Szczecin. Orient runs an active exhibition project. The program includes exhibitions of artists valued because of their artistic achievements and shows only emerging young artists. Given the complex nature of contemporary art, we would like to follow the diversity and variability of contemporary visual practices in their most dynamic forms. In practice, the activity of the gallery is to respond to new needs concerning the creation of art and artistic projects. 


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Szymon Brodziak

‘What you see is who you are” – says Szymon Brodziak, famous for his unconventional black-and-white photographs. . The youngest photographer exhibited at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin in 2015. Advertising photographer of the year at Prix de la Photographie Paris 2016. The best black & white campaign photographer of the world acclaimed by the jury of FashionTV Photographers Awards, during 2013 Cannes Film Festival. An economy graduate taken over by passion for photography, Brodziak quitted family business to assist in fashion and advertising shootings, which today are his main fields of professional activity. Since 2006 he has received numerous international awards at photographic competitions in the United States and Europe, including several medals and honourable mentions at the 2016 Prix de la Photographie Paris, both for commercial and personal projects. Brodziak received Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Award for the constant fulfilment of dreams and the passion for setting new paths in the search of beauty. His first photo album “Brodziak ONE” had its official premiere in Rome at the end of 2014. It presents nearly 300 monochromatic photographs shot over the period of the last 10 years of his professional activity. The publication starts with a personal dedication from June Newton, wife to the legendary photographer Helmut Newton.